Commercial Pest Control & Extermination Services

Commercial Pest Control & Extermination Services

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Our local extermination company offers a variety of commercial pest control services including the following:

  • Hospitality
  • Food Services
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Termite Control
  • Bed Bug Elimination
  • Fly Control
  • Drain Services
  • Wildlife Control



GUARDIAN PEST CONTROL SERVICES can identify the various challenges and needs of your production or warehousing facility. Inform us of your production schedules and GUARDIAN will be more than glad to provide services that are right for you. This means after-hours, weekends, or any time that’s suitable for your business.


Just as we offer with residential properties, GUARDIAN will conduct minor repairs on new termite damage. We are extremely confident in our trained professionals and their ability to safely and effectively administer the Sentricon bait system. It works around the clock, year round to quietly protect your establishment from a termite invasion.


No matter the facility, bed bugs are a troublesome nuisance. GUARDIAN understands how hard these pests can be to eliminate, so we provide protection on any and every level of infestation.


GUARDIAN will formulate a thorough and highly effective rodent solution tailored to fit the unique needs of your business. Our technicians will conduct a thorough inspection of the property to assess where the rodents are most active. Access points or any other conditions that may aid the infestation are identified. The rodent control plan will consist of sanitation, sealing and exclusion, and preventive rodent devices.


In order to effectively control flies around your establishment, a comprehensive approach is necessary.  Though your best efforts may have been utilized, a few flies may manage to reach the inside of your business.  GUARDIAN can and will tailor a plan of control to meet the unique needs of your establishment.   Services that we provide to successfully control flies in your facility include:

  • Suggestions for your business to take to reduce fly invasions
  • Suggesting specific sanitation practices
  • Identifying areas where sealing or exclusion (weather stripping, caulking) is needed
  • Formulating a plan for the location of insect light traps (bug lights)
  • Suggesting drain applications if needed
  • Providing a routine exterior treatment if needed


GUARDIAN also provides drain service.   In most cases, this service is recommended by our service professionals who identify drains that foster drain fly growth and breeding inside the establishment.

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Lodging and Hospitality facilities give pests ideal opportunities to thrive. Their presence can deter patrons as well as create possible health risks. Restaurants, meeting rooms, guest rooms, and storage rooms can present challenges when dealing with pests.


Not only are pests an inconvenience, they also carry bacteria and disease into businesses. This increases the risk of being fined or shut down. GUARDIAN has extensive experience and knowledge associated with protecting food service facilities, so let us develop a plan to assist you in becoming health code compliant. We also want to make sure you reach your own high standards as a business.


Rodents, squirrels, raccoons and opossum in your facility can bring about extensive damage and an unwanted stain on your reputation. Moreover, these unwanted pests can carry disease that could compromise the health and safety of staff and patrons.  Let GUARDIAN help your business solve its wildlife pest problem by generating a specific plan to keep those pesky critters out permanently.

Wildlife Control Services include:

  • REMOVAL: Do you need GUARDIAN to remove wildlife from your business? We want to make the safety of your staff and patrons a priority, so we will capture the animal using techniques that are humane and environmentally friendly.
  • REPELLENT: After an inspection by our trained service professionals, we will place wildlife repellents in strategic areas to keep certain animals out of your facility.
  • Prevention: GUARDIAN will assess any and all access points that could be utilized by wildlife pests and take the required steps to protect your establishment from unwanted wildlife.