Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services

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How to decrease the risk? These critters are very common and the nuisance they bring is familiar to all. Mosquitoes ruin summertime fun and other outdoor activities. Mosquitoes carry a virus known as Chikungunya You can decrease the risk of contracting this virus by eliminating hot spots such as standing water. If there is rain, be sure to empty toys, buckets, and wheelbarrows.

Rats and mice cause extensive damage to your home. This can include chewing through wiring as well as spreading diseases. This is where GUARDIAN comes in.Our pest control service uses the latest technology In baiting and trapping to rid your home of those unwanted guests.

Guardian offers a free and thorough inspection for bed bug infestation. After our initial treatment, Guardian will perform a 2 week free follow-up appointment to assure that your bed bugs are gone. Our bed bug specialist will use a combination of dry and liquid chemicals, as well as a heat spot treatment to rid your home of bed bugs. Bed bugs are hard to tackle and more common a problem than you may expect. They travel from place to place by hitching a ride on clothing or bags. GUARDIAN will inform you of what to do prior to our arrival. We aim to attack this problem at its source in order to reduce the risk of return.

Not only do fire ants build unsightly mounds all over your yard, but they administer painful stings. GUARDIAN will treat your entire yard and keep them from coming back. Our special pest control services are designed to attack fire ants where they nest by the use of baits that are not harmful to your lawn. Treatments are done twice a year so GUARDIAN will eliminate them if they should start to return.

Cockroaches love damp, dark spaces, so GUARDIAN targets those areas and then formulates a plan of action. Once the problem is located, a technician will schedule a follow-up visit.

GUARDIAN technicians will inspect your property, diagnose, and notify you of any problem areas. You will see a significant change around your property after only one treatment. During mosquito season, GUARDIAN exterminators will treat your yard monthly in order to keep yard mosquito-free.