Looking for a Termite Inspector?

Looking for a Termite Inspector?

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Worm-like tunnels that are visible on the side of your foundation or walls are always an early warning sign of a termite problem. Mud tubes above ground are indicators of vertical tunnels termites made by subterranean termites. These particular termites can tunnel through cracks in concrete, so slab homes are not unsusceptible to these termites. Unlike dry wood termites, subterranean termites need contact with soil in order to live. If you spot any of these indicators, don't hesitate to contact GUARDIAN.

You may not be able to prevent your home from being attacked by termites without some sort of treatment, but there are things as a homeowner you can do to strain their onslaught.

  1. Fix plumbing leaks.
  2. If your home has gutters, make sure they are free from debris. Always make sure the downspouts are trafficking water away from your home's foundation.
  3. Ensure sprinkler systems are not spraying water on the foundation of the house.
  4. If water continues to accumulate near the foundation, you may need to re-grade the soil or install a foundation drainage system to redirect the water away from the foundation.
  5. Make sure the roof of the home is in good condition with no leaks.
  6. Replace damaged siding and flashing.
  7. Do not place firewood or any other wood products next to the house.
  8. Do not use large amounts of pine straw or mulch around the foundation of the house.
  9. Make sure trees and bushes are cut and trimmed away from the foundation
  10. Make sure crawlspaces have sufficient ventilation and a moisture barrier.
  11. Do not store wood products or other materials containing cellulose in the crawlspace.


A GUARDIAN technician will inspect your property thoroughly and then comprise a specific treatment plan derived from the results of the inspection. A written proposal will be given to the customer outlining the inspection results and treatment options. Our technicians are glad to answer any questions the customer may have . Treatment of subterranean termites is commonly done by using a liquid chemical barrier. A more technologically advanced method of treatment would involve baiting. No matter the method used, GUARDIAN guarantees the work on all pest control services. If the problem returns, so will GUARDIAN.

  • A CL100 Inspection Report or Official South Carolina Wood Infestation Report will be performed by our licensed termite technician.
  • A CL100 Inspection will show any visible evidence of active, or a previous subterranean termite infestation or other wood destroying insects.
  • Guardian will perform your CL100 Termite Inspection and promptly send your CL100 report to your realtor or bank.

Termites detected in your CL100 Wood Infestation inspection?

Guardian offers several options to protect your home against further termite damage in Marion, Myrtle Beach and Conway, SC. Our termite specialist will suggest a treatment option that fits your budget.